What does it mean to have a profile approved? What does it mean to have a profile approved?

Getlug is a platform that based on trust so we want to make sure that our community is made up of real people, authentication is not required but if you do people will trust you more and also you will get a ✅  under your profile picture. 

As you know, travelers are asked to carry people’s products from all around the world. Certain guarantees have to bepresented so the both side can feel safe while using the app,


You can verify your profile with your personal documents

Such as: 

1)Id card,



3)Driving licence


There is no need to be concerned at all, all your data is secured and protected by ShuftiPro and we regard the information you insert on the app as

highly confidential; thus it is not shared with any other party norcan be misused.