What kind of items can a Traveler deliver? What kind of items can a traveler deliver?

Travelers can deliver any legal item that fits in a suitcase such( Clothes, shoes, bags, light weight electronics,etc)


Travelers should always inspect what is inside the package. We strongly recommend that travelers don't accept any closed package for both parties safety. Shopper and traveler must comply with country’s regulations regarding customs and imported goods.


Knives, police batons, and other weapons

Aerosols and flammable liquids


Any item that is prohibited by law in the place of origin, the destination, or any jurisdiction through which the item will be transported

Any product or item related to illegal activities, such as the production of illegal drugs

Illegal Drugs

Live Animals

Firearms, ammunition, explosives

Human remains

Stolen property

Counterfeit goods or currency

Sex toys and it's related products