How To Buy Plane Tickets After Covid-19 ?

How To Buy Plane Tickets After Covid-19 ?

How To Buy Plane Tickets After Covid-19 Effect on Ticket Prices ?


While some countries start to vaccinate their citizens, The end of Covid-19 pandemic seems closer than ever before. With the ease in the Covid-19 precautions, international flights became accessible again.  Being able to travel by plane again makes lots of people happy. However, they are not happy with the prices of ticket planes. International flights, even domestic flights in some countries were banned for a long time due to Covid-19 precautions. Therefore, most airlines increased the price of flight tickets.  Unfortunately, it is very difficult for most people to buy a plane ticket. I am also one of those.  I needed to go to Germany from Istanbul last month, and plane tickets were so expensive that I almost  delayed my journey. However, one of my friends informed me about an app called Getlug, and the expense almost fell by half. In this post, I will give you some advice on how to get plane tickets on the cheap. 



Buy Tickets At Affordable Prices By Collaboration


As you know, plane tickets are always expensive for people who have limited budgets. However, after the Covid-19 pandemic, they are more expensive than ever before. In this kind of situation, an international flight is very difficult for most people.  However, sometimes you need to go abroad because of different reasons. It could be something related to work, school or familial relationships. If you experience this kind of situation, an application called Getlug could be helpful for you. This application works on a very simple principle. You need to go abroad but plane tickets are really expensive, and it is hard to afford it for you. Another person wants to send some stuff (products, documents or any other thing) to abroad but sending them via a courier company  takes time and is very expensive. Getlug rake these people together. After installing the application to your mobile phone, you will give information about your trip (which country, city you go from, which city, how much space you have in your luggage etc.) Then, people who need to send stuff abroad get in contact with you. S/he informs you about what kind of stuff s/he want to send abroad, how much money s/he can spend for it, and where you can deliver stuff to the person who is waiting for you in the country where you go. After agreeing, you take the stuff from the person you met on the application, and deliver them to the person who will be waiting for you in the airport or in the city. You can decide these kind of details on the application. 


How Much Can You Save ?


It depends on the space you have in your luggage. When you open a profile on the application, you specify how much space you have in your luggage, and what kind of stuff you can deliver. (toy, documents, electronics etc.) I almost saved half of the ticket price thanks to Getlug because I have enough space in my luggage. I advise you to do the same thing if the price of a plane ticket is too expensive for you after Covid-19 pandemic. 




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