Discover ✈️ Paris

Discover ✈️ Paris

Discover Paris


Last month, I made one of my biggest dreams come true. I visited Paris. Since my childhood, walking in the streets of Paris was my biggest desire, but I do not have a big budget, and especially the price of a flight ticket from Istanbul to Paris was a big problem for me. However, I really want this trip and I was ready to try every way to make my dream come true. Finally, I succeeded.   I was in Paris ! At first, I could not believe it, but after a while. I felt like I’m in heaven. At first, let me explain how I managed to go to Paris. Then, I will give you details about Paris !



You Can Always Find A Way

As I said, the price of the flight ticket was a big problem for me. I started to search for some ways to reduce the fee of the flight ticket.  Then, I found an application named Getlug. The purpose of the application was to reduce the price of the flight ticket by helping people who need to send some products or stuff abroad. If you have a space in your luggage, you take the stuff or products from the person that you get in touch on the app, and you deliver the stuff or the product to the person who waits for you in the airport, or you can deliver it in a city. Thanks to this application, the price of the flight ticket reduced almost in half.  If you want to realise your dreams, and visit some cities in different countries, this kind of alternative method will be beneficial for you !


Where to Stay in Paris ?

As you can guess, Paris is a really big city. Therefore, there are a lot of options for you to stay. Thanks to the advanced transportation system in the city,  visiting some places which are far away from your hotel would not be a problem. You can easily get different places in the city by the subway train in a short time. Thus, the most important point while choosing a place to stay is your budget.  Because I saved some of my money thanks to Getlug app, I was able to stay in a top quality hotel. However, do not forget that there are lots of hotels in Paris and you could easily find one which is affordable for you.


Must See Places in Paris

Paris is an amazing city and it offers you lots of attractions. My biggest dream was to walk in Champs Elysees. So, my first destination was Champs Elysees. It was exactly the same with my dreams.  Economising on the ticket also helped me in my Champs Elysees trip. With the money I saved, I became able to go shopping in fabulous boutiques in Champs Elysees. As well as Champs Elysees, I also visited Eiffel Tower,  Place Du Trucadero,  Avenue Rapp, Sacre Couer, Arc De Triomphe, and lots of places. I drank my coffee at the cafes on the most beautiful streets of the city, and I tasted delicious French food. Getlug really helped me by allowing me to economise on the ticket.  I also advise you to use these kind of apps to budget your trip well. 

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